Stoner Listening: CannafamUK Podcast

Resident Producer down on the south coast Edison Carter presents his new UK Cannafam podcast, broadcasting the latest talk and happenings in across the cannabis community and activists pushing for reform. In Cannafam #001 host Edison looks at the news of a Nuclear Bunker being raided and found to be a full scale cannabis farm […]

First UKCSC AGM is a Huge Success

Around five years ago, the movement for cannabis law reform in the UK was, at best, stagnant. At worst, the atmosphere was toxic, as infighting, egos, and a stubborn refusal to implement new tactics led to conflicts whose effects are still felt to this day. Thankfully, however, they aren’t the only lasting reminder of those […]

How should cannabis be sold?

We’re carrying out a survey to find out the way people would like to see cannabis sold under a legally regulated market. Even if you don’t use cannabis it would be interesting to have your opinion included as this is an issue that does really affect everyone. Each tax payer contributes £400 a year to maintaining a […]

glasgow cannabis celebration

Cannabis Activists Advice For 2015

The UK’s cannabis battle has reach new heights in the last 12 months with more seriously enthusiastic activists joining the dank ranks than ever before. Well, cannabis is far from one of the seven deadly sins so we thought we would compile a list of seven heady wins that activists could add to their game […]

Berkshire CC’s Clark French – SKY news Interview

Clark French gives his opinion on reported documented side effects of cannabis and how using cannabis allows him to ease the symptoms of his Multiple Sclerosis. When asked by the reporter to give his feelings on the alleged link between cannabis and schizophrenia, Clark makes reference to the Keele University study which used […]