‘Cannabis helps me look after my kids’ – brave UKCSC Gains420 member speaks out in local press

UKCSC’s Gainsborough club Gains420 member Stacey has bravely spoken out in the local press about how cannabis helped get her off antidepressants and in turn improved her ability to look after her kids.

Stacey, 28, told Lincolnshire Live that cannabis had “saved her from rock bottom”, having suffered from severe anxiety and depression while on antidepressants. “For me, smoking cannabis has helped me so much.

“I’d tried every antidepressant there was, and nothing worked. Most of the time they just made me feel like a zombie. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t take care of my kids.

“Since I started smoking cannabis , I can get up. I can face the day and take the kids to the park. Smoking makes me feel like I can connect with people again.

“I never smoke around my kids but I am open about the fact that I use it. I want to be as honest as possible with them.”

Many women commenting on the story online thanked Stacey for her honesty and bravery, and were inspired to share how cannabis has helped them as well. In a society that puts such a heavy burden on the shoulders of women when it comes to child care, cannabis is empowering mothers. Since 2010 the state has cut back massively on socialised child care, closing most Sure Start centres, for example. 85% of austerity cuts have been shouldered by women.

Stacey explained that most of the Gains420 members are patients and people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, pointing out that a number of the members have found it difficult to get a prescription.

“One of the members has cancer of the mouth and cannabis helps him manage the immense pain he faces daily,” she said. “The problem is that it takes too long to actually get prescription cannabis on the NHS so many people turn to getting it illegally.”

Stacey and Gains420 are hoping to meet with Lincolnshire Police and want to open up a conversation about marijuana use with local councillors.

“We also spoke to Sir Edward Leigh but he didn’t really seem to be on-board so we’re keen to chat to other MPs and hopefully get their backing.

“It upsets me that this peaceful plant is demonised like it is. I would like to see opinions change someday soon.”

Stacey added: “I think people have been brainwashed into thinking that cannabis is this evil drug but it’s not true.

“When people go drinking at the weekend, they’re fighting each other and throwing up. You don’t see people who smoke weed doing the same. Alcohol abuse in this country is through the roof. The effects of smoking cannabis are nothing compared to the damage caused by excessive drinking.

“Essentially I believe that cannabis should be decriminalised and that everybody should have the right to grow their own. Most people use it, or have at least tried it in the past and I don’t believe that people who use this plant should be criminalised. It’s a plant that grows naturally and what’s more we all have cannabinoid receptors in our brains.”

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