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My story is at this moment still ongoing, but so far what I have learned about cancer and cannabis has been astounding to say the least. Here we are in the 21st century, with scientific breakthroughs happening everyday. We have immense knowledge that could only be dreamed of a few years ago, scientists are constantly striving for answers to questions and millions of pounds are being spent every single second in an attempt to find cures for a myriad of human diseases. But what if amid the complexity of all this research we are forgetting a simple fact? Maybe everything that we need to stay well and live a healthy life has already been given to us by Mother Nature. We just need to harness it in the right way and then use it and not abuse it!

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I started my cancer journey nearly 12 months ago now and in that time I have looked into and researched many ways of dealing with this disease. Both from the main stream medical and the complementary perspective.

I was diagnosed with a lethal Peritoneal Cancer 10 months ago after being rushed into hospital with a blocked bowel. I received emergency surgery and we were told that the outlook was not good. Considering I was told over and over again by my GP that I was suffering from IBS and would have to learn to live with it! The news was a huge shock to both myself and my family. My daughters were amazing; tirelessly researching the condition and all possible treatments both orthodox and unorthodox. I am fortunate to have health insurance and this has undoubtedly made a big difference to the level of care and treatment that I have received to date. I have had weeks and weeks of chemotherapy, massive surgery then more chemotherapy.  All of which have worked well and I have had little in the way of serious side effects. My weight has remained stable, my mind positive and sickness and fatigue have been much less than I was expecting. Apart from feeling washed out for a few days after each chemo session, on the whole the experience has been tolerable.

Cannabis Oil CapsulesNow here is the really interesting stuff: During the first few weeks after diagnosis my daughters had been researching cannabis and its medicinal properties, with reference to cancer treatment. The Internet is full of stories of people who have helped themselves to better health and even cures by using cannabis as a medicine. At this point let me assure you that I am over sixty and have never used recreational drugs in my life! In fact I am totally against smoking, sniffing and injecting anything that has the potential to cause serious injury or harm to the body. After looking and listening to all the information out there I realised that nature had provided us with an amazing plant, which for thousands of years has been used for so many purposes it almost defies description. Deep inside this plant are a vast number of naturally occurring chemicals that when harnessed correctly have the power to alleviate pain, relax the body and mind, help with sleep and even help cure many diseases including cancer. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying its a panacea for every illness on the planet, but I do believe that used responsibly it can make a huge difference to how a person copes with a serious life threatening disease.

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I have been self medicating with oil made from the cannabis plant for many months now and I truly believe that it has helped me stay strong in both body and mind. I take it twice a day once in the afternoon and once before bedtime. I use only the tiniest amount each time this way there is no risk of experiencing any psychoactive effects.  It’s better and safer than sleeping pills (don’t want any of those),  pain…..what pain! I have not had much at all, even after surgery; which was really heavy stuff. Since using the oil my appetite has always been good and it’s kept the nausea to a minimum. Considering that all throughout my chemo I have never needed to use any anti-nausea medications at all, which my oncology team think is amazing. Everyone I see and talk to have said how healthy I look and cannot believe that I have been through so much. I do take supplements as well, to support my body through the process of healing, but I would not be without my magic oil!

I wholeheartedly applaud the members of the UKCSC, NORML UK, our local cannabis club and I thank those who have helped and supported me during my journey.  It really is time the government changed its policy on the use of cannabis. Used responsibly it is a safe, health promoting substance that has the potential to save lives and I am praying that it will save mine!

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  1. I think it’s amazing to hear stories like this! More of these types of stories and articles in the public eye will educate the un-educated, and plant the curious little seed in their mind, for them to research later. 😉

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