CANNACAMPFEST with Teeside Cannabs Club – Aug 1st Redcar Rugby Club

For the 2nd year running TCC are hosting the North Easts biggest and best cannabis event CANNACAMPFEST, so dust off your tents and get your dankest herbs cured ready for the weekend chillathon. 

Last year was an intimate gathering with people coming from across the UK to enjoy the cannabis camping weekend.

“This year is going to be so much bigger and better” says John Holiday who founded Teesside Cannabis Club due to the lack of awareness and presence in the area calling for “smarter, fairer and more sensible laws that don’t see people locked up and criminalised for a bit of weed”.

Day passes are £3 each and each tent you have no matter what size is £7. The event is for adults (and medical patients only.

Join the event page on facebook here.  See our other events through out the summer on our Cannabis Calender.

Hot food will be available at the event, a carvery will be on the menu and American Hotdogs to salute our winners across the pondin the states that have sensibly regulated cannabis for all adults.

The entertainment is going to be stepped up a notch with a cannabis comedy evening and there will be live music and djs through the day with the headlining act being The GangGreenz.

Friendly dogs are allowed to the event – just clean up after them.

The event last year which wanted to “start a sensible debate” on cannabis and aims to help raise awareness for the need to decriminalise and regulate cannabis saw no arrests.

Police presence was minimal throughout and organisers praised Cleveland Police for allowing the event to pass peacefully and without undue intervention. Superintendent Ian Coates from Cleveland Police confirmed the force had liaised with organisers to ensure the protest remained peaceful and people were able to express their views. He said officers were prepared to take appropriate action in light of any offences being committed.

John Holiday“The tide is turning and things are changing – the police have been friendly and genuine and we’ve worked together to make sure things go off with minimal disruption”, Holiday said.

“They said they’d act if they saw any offences being committed and that’s fair enough. I thought they’d block anything happening and was surprised not to be met with a brick wall.

“It was a choice of trying to fight the establishment or work with them and now my only regret is not working with them sooner.

“When we started this movement, it was guerilla but this is almost stepping into legitimacy – we’ve done this openly and in the public eye.

“We’re educated, peaceful people with something to give back to the community and for every one person saying no to legalising cannabis, there are three saying yes.”

TCC have worked with the local authorities to give them advice on the cannabis social club model and give a better understanding of the cannabis community to the police. Durham Police Officers have been advised that going after people for consuming cannabis is a waste of their resources and time which could be better spent detecting criminals that actually create victims “Of course, if someone is smoking a joint outside a school then they are going to get arrested for being stupid” says Durham Chief of Police Andy Barton at a conference called in the North East to change the approach to drug policy policing.

To get in touch with the Teeseide Cannabis Club for tickets and any more information you would like. This looks like a great event and we can’t wait to get there!

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