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We have already had two really fun and big events in the UK with Hyde Park 420 and Product Earth bringing thousands of people together to make the world a little bit more happy, peaceful and unified. 

Over the next 8 weeks though there are lots more events on the grassroots level meaning that if you didn’t make it to one ofthese large scale national events you can still take part in the fun and do your part to help raise awareness about the issue at the same time.

The UK Cannabis Social Clubs have been holding protest gatherings for the last three years and are continuing this summer campaign into 2015. The protests are peaceful picnics in an act of civil disobedience.

1234016_400104110090323_1457708251_nWhat are we protesting for?
Consuming cannabis isn’t actually a crime, but possession, supply and cultivating it is meaning it is YOUR ACTION that is against the law, not the plant. We DO NOT aim to “FREE THE WEED” as it is people that end up in court with their lives being made harder and having future prospects, travelling rights and job and education opportunities limited. We think that the time police are made to spend dealing with cannabis consumers is a waste of their valuable time and money and a waste of the tax payers money.

Cannabis consumers would all very much like to have a social space to use so that we can consume cannabis, responsibly, in a well ventilated venue where it will not offend any member of the public, not be seen to influence others or the youth to consume and not warrant anyone calling the police because someone has decided to chill out with some aromatic herbs.

When we are allowed to legally have our Cannabis Social Clubs we will stop holding peaceful protest awareness picnics in public – because there will be nothing to raise awareness of!

Saturday 4th – Brighton Cannabis Club – Green Pride, Preston Park
Sunday 5th – Glasgow Cannabis Social Club – Summer BBQ, Glasgow Green and BGAS – British Glass Appreciation Society, Birmingham – Tickets needed

Saturday 11th – Bristol Cannabis Club – Summer Gathering, The Downs 
Sunday 12th – 

Thursday 16th – United Patients Alliance & Norml UK Womens Alliance, The Trade Club Holme Street, Hebden Bridge

Saturday 18th – United Patients Alliance – Patients Perspectives Brighton – One Year On or Psychedelic Action! at the Lambeth Country Show 2015
Sunday 19th – Basingstoke Cannabis Club, Summer Hawaiian Picnic, Down Grange

Saturday 25th – Hampshire Cannabis Club, Beach BBQ – Eastney Beach, Portsmouth
Sunday 26th –

Saturday 1st – Teeside Cannabis Club – CANNACAMPFEST, Redcar Rugby Club and Nitrous Oxide in Parliament Square #mymindmychoice, Parliament Square
Sunday 2nd –

Saturday 8th – Brighton Cannabis Club Private Invite & Member Session. 
Sunday 9th –

Saturday 15th – Berkshire Cannabis Community, Patients in the Park with United Patients Alliance, Kings Meadow, Reading
Sunday 16th – Hampshire Cannabis Club – Cannabis Awareness Picnic, Castle Field, Southsea Portsmouth

Saturday 22nd – Surrey Cannabis Club – Cannabis Awareness Picnic, Stoke Park, Guildford
Sunday 23rd –

Saturday 29th – Swansea Cannabis Club & United Patients Alliance – Patients Perspective Educational Evening
Sunday 30th –

Saturday 5th – Leeds Cannabis Club – Summer Picnic, Hyde Park 1pm – 6pm
Sunday 6th – 

A message for people against our protests and awareness campaign:
Public protests are just one part of the way we campaign. You cannot expect to change public opinion by sitting inside behind a screen tapping buttons and clicking links. Getting out on the street and making contact with people of your local community to help them understand the situation of prohibition is going to have a longer lasting and further reaching impact.

The UKCSC are well aware that some people disagree with our awareness picnics and believe that the open consumption of cannabis is a bad example. Our peaceful protest defying unjust laws show the public that consuming cannabis can be done responsibly and doesn’t lead to fighting, riots, rape, murder and killing children. We are urging the Government to allow CSCs to register and operate as any other social club so public consumption isn’t an issue such as in Spain’s CSC’s and US States that have regulated the market.

To get in touch with the UKCSC for any press regarding our summer protest campaigns please contact the individual club or e-mail

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  1. When we started the Smokey Bears (80’s-ish) it was to have total legalisation in the UK, so we went out and about and tried to let people know that was all we wanted. Picnix are the best way as you can then invite people to sit with you, have a civilised cuppa and then discus the whole thing.

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