DNA Genetics Chocolate Fondue (Exodus Cheese x Chocolope) – Strain Review


Smell: Just like Exodus cheese. The fruity cheese tones really dominate this cross.

Flavour: Again, tastes very much like exodus cheese. Subtle musky chocolatey tones come through on the exhale, but there’s no mistaking this for anything except a cheese cross.

Effects: One pure joint of this had me stoned for a good hour or so before I even thought about consuming more cannabis. I made the mistake of smoking this for the first time in the middle of the day. Even though it’s a heavily sativa dominant strain, I was very stoned, and wasn’t good for much in the way of strenuous activity.

Comments: A pungent strain with strong, pronounced effects. I’m not a medical user so can’t comment on that aspect, but I very much enjoyed smoking this strain. Cheese is one of my least favourite strains (only due to over-exposure in the UK), but this cross brought a new level to the old Exodus cut, and made it a new and interesting experience.

Review by Lloyd Eggs.

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