Grow Your Own Weed For £4.20 A Week!

Grow your own cannabis! It’s not as expensive as most people think to start a little medi or personal grow and you really don’t need that much space with this method. Save money and stop funding organised crime. 

All the equipment you need for this can be bought on-line and it is advisable that you search around for the best price possible. This guide is intended as advice for people wishing to remove themselves from the black market and away from anti social behaviour – ie buying from street dealers, funding organised crime, putting yourself in potentially vulnerable situations. Planting a seed and growing your own cannabis whether it be for relaxation and well being, fun, spiritual use or as your medicine is one of the best, easiest and most effective pieces and acts of activism there is.  Civil disobedience that gives back! Before making any decision please read our Cannabis Law page.

Red Devil Auto CFL Grow

Rule Number 1 – Tell No One!

  • First get your space ready and find a 60cm x 60cm x 120cm grow tent, this will cost you around £40.
  • Next you need a Dual Spectrum CFL grow light – not the separate red spectrum and blue spectrum but one that as both red and blue in a single bulb and get one around 200w up to 300w. This will cost around £35 including a basic shield but you can always upgrade if you want or can afford to but only basic is really necessary. (If you are less concerned about electricity costs you can opt for a 250 watt Metal Halide dual spectrum bulb which will increase your yeild but increase the heat a little also so bear that in mind).
  • A clip on fan is needed to keep the air moving in the grow environment, this will cost around £8.
  • The plant will need something to grow in so an 11 litre pot and some soil around £5’s worth.
  • You will need a 24 hour mains timer around £3 and possibly an extension lead/multi adaptor – £2.
  • Additionally we would advise (and it is good safer practice to) use an extractor fan with a carbon filter to eliminate any problems with smell. You will not need this from the start but a 4 inch fan and carbon filter will cost you £40.

Using this basic set up and not making things complicated; if this is your first time growing it is a good idea to start with an automatic cannabis strain. They have come a long way over the years and some nice yields along with the right quality flowers you are looking for can be achieved.

Using this equipment set up yields of 3 ounces and possibly more depending on your skill level and genetics can be achieved off a single seed that will knock you back around £5! You can grow these with minimum fuss either on a timer for 18 hours (which will save you some electricity) or left on 24 hours.


1 x 250 watt CFL Dual Spectrum on for 18 hours per day costs £0.38 pence per day.
1 x 6 inch clip on fan 
on for 24 hours per day cost £0.03 pence per day.
1 x 4 inch extractor fan 
on for 24 hours per day costs £0.19 pence per day. 

(average electric rates used – Dec 2013)

Weekly Cost = £4.20

Over a 10 week period = £42.00! 

If you had been thinking about it but weren’t quite convinced yet – are you now?

Just in case, lets consider if you smoke a gram a day in the same time this takes to grow you will have smoked 70g. If you buy your cannabis in ounces that will have cost you around £500 and if you buy it by the gram that will be a whopping £700! If you were to yield 3 ounces (84g) growing your own under a CFL you will have saved yourself £658  and hit the gangs where it hurts most! Imagine if everyone started doing this…

This process will take around 9/10 week from start to finish, but you will have a nice stash at the end of it, knowing what it is that you are smoking and not lining any dealer or black-market criminals pockets! This will only cost you around £100 to start off and a couple of pound extra a month in electric ,but will save you in long run, grow yours at home and ditch that dealer. Remember there’s no need to be Pablo Escobar – grow your OWN, be safe and sensible! And as said at the top, before making any decision please read our Cannabis Law page.

Guide by Sheffield Cannabis Club

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  1. All depends, the poster was talking about automatics which are usually a hybrid rhudialis (eg. an indica or sativa crossed rhudialis), these are usually short and stocky with no need to induce flowering ie flipping from an 18/6 to 12/12 light cycle like the seeds you are referring to.
  2. I think you could improve on this article! I am no expert!!! but if you use CFL throughout the grow you are going to be very disappointed and add a month on to the flowering time? It dose not have to be expensive, but to get results you will need to invest a little more in equipment to be self sufficient.
  3. I would absolutely love to try this, but am terrified of the legal ramifications. I've seen cops on TV using thermal-cameras to target the warm and power hungry sodium lamps used in these set-ups; isn't that a concern? How can this be counter acted? Many people (including elderly) that I know, want this plant for peaceful recreational and medical purposes, but feel trapped under this yoke of state-operated terror. I'm happy to see there is at least some representation here in the UK, but we're still lagging years behind the U.S. because of miss-information and prejudice. It doesn't have to be this way. Anyway, this is my first day on the blog, so I'm going to quit ranting and have a look around. Cheers.
    1. Good insulation also is a key factor also lights on during the day. B&Q do a insulated sheet boarding (expensive though it is around £30 per sheet) but no heat will escape.
    2. The reason the US have stormed ahead is because they have just go on and did what they needed to do, and grew and grew till they overgrew. The law is a lot more heavy handed over there and they get a lot larger sentences yet still take the risk - and that's on large grows. A CFL grow like this wont even read as a blip on the radar. If you tell no one, no one will find out.
    3. It's very easy to solve that problem. Thermal cameras can't see through walls, they can see if the wall (or roof) is hotter compared to the rest of the building. All you need to do is insulate your grow op, and/or move the hot air to another room.
  4. Good advice. Rule 1, Tell NO ONE!!! Don't brag about your grow, it's so tempting to show it off to all and sundry but DON'T. Rule 2 . Keep things simple. It's easy to spend a fortune on expensive equipment that you DON'T need and will lose if you should get busted. Try to keep your grow below 9 plants anymore and it's a commercial grow. Grow a variety of strains, most headshops and seedbanks now do mixed packs. The times stated on seed packet are under optimal conditions.Let the plant show when it's ready for harvest. The most important thing your plant will need is YOUR PATIENCE. Good luck and above all have FUN.

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