Poll: Is Russell Brand right about drug regulation?

Russell Brand says it will be 10 to 20 years before there is a regulated drugs market, but what do you think about a regulated cannabis market in the UK? Watch Russell’s appearance on the BBC and then take part in our vote below and find out what the rest of the country thinks too.

“This arguments over, we’re just waiting now. It’s just a twitching corpse of a dead idea, it will slow down now and in the next 10-20 years we’ll have global legalisation”

Brand who believes in abstinence based drug programs for troubled drug users, exclaims how prohibition is an abhorrent failure and doesn’t work, “it creates a criminal class and a criminal economy” calling it time to address the situation.

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  1. Prohibition has succeeded only through lies and intimidation. Once everyone stands together against the bullies then we see the truth and the fraud collapses. That moment is approaching rapidly in the US and it will play out over the next 2 elections, 2014 and 2016. Other nations are sick of the blood bath in Latin America and want solutions. Canada has massive popular support for reform and the opposition party has a policy of legalization and their popularity surged to a winnable position when their leader Justin Trudeau announced his support for legalization. Canada goes to the polls next year. For 20+ yrs there has been decriminalization and medical marijuana by more than half US states and various nations around the world without catastrophe which is why reforms continued steadily till they reached the point they had nowhere else to go and now we have 2 states and one nation where it's legal. There are loaded bases everywhere and once they start running it will be impossible to stop them. A whole lot is going to happen in the next 2 yrs. This a a great time to be a cannabis activist. Write letters to politicians and media.
  2. I'm from America, and in 2 years we'll have 1-5 more states legalize/decriminalize, and regulate. With most of the 50 continental states having medical cannabis programs.
  3. Based on just cannabis Russell Brand is right, But the fact that he is right is wrong. The truth is it should be regulated but we have to look at the others drugs. In the same way people say cannabis can be a gateway drug, if cannabis gets regulated who's to say other drugs shouldn't be. Despite all the benefits and this is coming from a regular cannabis user, its still a drug. Still will be treated like any other drug. We can't sit here and say 'well uruguay did it, America did too' because we are not those countries. We are a country stuck in the past in terms of policies, regulations and law and the people in charge are too scared to make a change and stand up for the people for once.. Its is coming. it will be regulated. but its not gonna happen over night, or in the next few years.
  4. My personal opinion is that our leaders have been bought of by the Big Pharmas and it will be hard to change their minds. They already know how good and excellent a medicine Cannabis is and it is an English company which are one of the leading manufacturers! They know they will receive plenty of taxes -from people like GW. Soon you will see 6 meds being produced by them which will be sold all over the world. They already have sold the Sativex idea to 24 countries. In other words they do not want us to be able to treat ourselves -no money in it for them! I have been fighting for legalisation since I I had a supply charge in 73 and feel that the Government is to arrogant to work with the people these days! Blair agreed to Medical Cannabis in 2000 - 14 years later we are still waiting! Legalise for all users must be addressed by them eventually -so CSC's and more lobby groups must push the Government into a corner. They are Hypocrites and must be shown to be so! Frank Kirk
    1. I'm totally with you on this frank you took the words out of my mouth , David Cameron denies cannabis has any medical value but since 1998 GW Phama has been licenced by the government to research cannabis for use in medicine which they have done, so our government knows the medical side to cannabis & would not let a company grow a illegal drug if it had no clear evidence to substantiate such claims in the first place, but yet our government still denies that it has a medical benefit at all so why carry on letting GW Pharma illegally grow cannabis if it has no medical value because in the eyes of the UK law cannabis is still illegal to posses & cultivate . it seams more like the case that David Cameron has been paid off by GW Pharma to keep cannabis illegal so they can continue making profit from others misery & ill health why else would he say cannabis has no medical benefits even tho his science & research in the united kingdom shows other wise , not only that look at all the other research done in the other country's are they all wrong & David Cameron is right I don't think so . the truth of the matter is under this corrupt government of David Cameron cannabis will never be legal regulated or anything else in this country the UK people was sold out by him long ago & he will continue to do so as long as he is in parliament & number10 , he has shown time & time again that he doesn't care about the Uk people but he does care for his donations & lobbying whatever brings him the most money.Now I rely on cannabis to treat my non epileptic seizures due to scaring on my brain medication doesn't work & cannabis does for me cannabis is a case of life & death as iv died from my seizures in the past so no law or punishment will deter me from using cannabis to give me health & some normality back to my life I know the research & the health benefits to cannabis so I will continue to use it to stop & reduce my seizures however long I live legal or not

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