Video: Teeside Cannabis Club calls for cannabis social club licences on BBC News

Teeside Cannabis Social Club called for cannabis clubs to be given licences on BBC News on Wednesday.

The visit from the state broadcaster gave the club the opportunity to show Britain the social benefits of its model. One member told the programme that “we come here for a safe environment where we know that cannabis hasn’t been street-derived”, while another said it was no different from going to a pub to have a drink with friends.

Teeside Cannabis Club founder Michael Fisher explained to the programme that members share cannabis rather than dealing it, and that they are prohibited from bringing class A drugs.

“We need full regulation,” he said. “We need the government to offer clubs like ours licences. If we look at the politicians and police who have worked with us and support us, there is another way of doing things, and this is it.”

Amid calls from prohibitionists for police to take stronger action against cannabis users, Assistant Chief Constable of Cleveland Police Jason Harwin told the programme that he was committed to enforcing the law but had to make priorities based on available resources.

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