The Devon Cannabis Club Summer Picnic Protest – 27th August in Exeter

The Devon Cannabis Club return to Flowerpots Playing Field  in Exeter on Saturday 27th August at 12pm. This will be the 4th year the community group has convened at this location to raise awareness to the growing cannabis reform movement around the world.

The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs have been protesting in every county throughout the summer to gain attention of the now very present Cannabis Social Club movement that has well and truly taken root in the UK. With a large proportion of the activity buzzing out of the South East and North East corners of the collective islands 2016 has seen everywhere in between steadily raise their numbers and event frequency. Now, The Devon Cannabis Club have taken the steps needed to move their social network activism to the next level by opening up membership and hosting more regular social events.

“We at The Devon Cannabis Club are a non profit organisation who are pushing for a change to drug policy relating to cannabis in the UK. Using the platform of social clubs provided by the UKCSC at our coming picnic protest on the 27th August at Flowerpot playing fields in Exeter, we will be offering our first chance at signing up to become a member of The Devon cannabis club, for the small fee of £10 per person. All funds from donations and membership sign ups go towards expanding the club by seeking out and negotiating with local venues for more frequent yearly events. We know that the more members we have that are part of an active club will lead to more opportunists for us throughout and across Devon.   We also need funds to pay for promotional and awareness material to help educate the population of Devon on how we can restore the damages caused by prohibition.”

By becoming a member to The Devon Cannabis Club you will be helping to open the door secret smoke meet ups which have been growing in popularity across many of the clubs in the rest of the country. Brighton Cannabis Club, Bristol Cannabis Club, London Smokers Club all have regular events where members can socialise and share their cannabis and edibles and share tips and trick about growing or just hang out with other like minded people.

Helping spread the beneficial information about cannabis is part of the clubs duty, there are many people that have debilitating conditions or family members that do, and the club serves a public point of contact for people who are otherwise unable to get information.

“This will make the club more progressive and that’s what clubs across the country need to be thinking”

“We are a non profit organisation which means all proceeds go back into the club, no one takes a wage. We will also be launching our ‘Equipment fund’ through a crowdfunding website, with the same intentions for funds as membership, but this is intended for people who don’t wish to become a member but still wish to donate to help our cause.”

“Ultimately we at the club would like to see the development of a permanent venue/ premise that would be open to the public, providing information and advice concerning cannabis to the general public.”

Good luck to The Devon Cannabis Club and please support them, even if you aren’t local, please give this a tweet and a share on Facebook for your Devonshire friends to get in the know!

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