Amsterdam Coffee Shop Cannabis Review. Grey Area – Soul Diesel


Strain. Sour Diesel. Sativa dominant hybrid.


Appearance. Doesn’t look as nice as previous Incarnations of this strain I have tried. Have to say there is a little too much trim and stalk considering it costs quite a lot per gram. The buds are nice and dense though and its dried properly and cured too. there is a fair aount of trichomes and the buds are a nice shape and do that fractal thing which often happens with buds 🙂

Grey Area Sour Diesel

Aroma. Earthy and sweet, nice chem smell but not too over whelming. Smells fantastic with a real broad depth from the low earthy musky to the high sweet and that very distinct chemmy smell which is a major selling point of many strains, and for me too. I love it, its one of the most unique and aromatic smells.


Flavour. Really tastes absolutely delicious. Real sweet and spicy chem flavours which go perfectly with the earthy low smokiness. Fantastic tasting strain. A favorite strain of mine because of the sweet and smooth flavour. although on the outside i wasnt that impressed in terms of flavour Grey Area definitely deliver.


Effects. Very strong sativa effects from after two or three tokes. A little racy for the first few minutes of smoking which calms down. Nice for symptom relief including pain and anxiety. A real winner in my opinion. I like the balance between functioning and pain releif as I usually find indica’s better for pain but the sour diesel stands up to all but the strongest of incica’s for my particular needs for pain relief.


Comments. Although not the best sour diesel I have ever tried this version is a very nice smoke and burns fantastically. Sour Diesel when grown right has to be one of my top 10 strains,  it is still delicious and so worth trying, just for the amazing flavours alone!


Clark French.


Clark is the Founder of the Berkshire Cannabis Community and sits on the UKCSC board representing the South region.

You can read more strain reviews from around the world at his blog.

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