5 Reasons to Regulate the UK Cannabis Market

Cannabis Social Clubs have appeared in European countries to offer cannabis consumers and medical cannabis patients a safer alternative and a solution to the problems that prohibition causes in society.  Part of the reason the UK Cannabis Social Clubs exists is to inform existing consumers of the CSC model and it’s benefits over the current “free-for-all” market […]

How should cannabis be sold?

We’re carrying out a survey to find out the way people would like to see cannabis sold under a legally regulated market. Even if you don’t use cannabis it would be interesting to have your opinion included as this is an issue that does really affect everyone. Each tax payer contributes £400 a year to maintaining a […]

Know Your Smoke – Grit, Spray and Flush.

Since 2007 there has been a worrying trend amongst large scale growers whereby they increase the weight of their yield by spraying the flowers with glass frosting spray, sugar or even micro contaminants. Whilst it is impossible to tell if micro contaminants have been used upon inspection; it is possible to check for glass frosting […]