Celebrate Green Pride 2015 with Brighton Cannabis Club

Brighton Cannabis Club is bringing back Green Pride for its second year and is inviting everyone to come along to chill for the day.

“In 2014 we saw over 100 people turn up for the first protestival and the club had only been running for a few months.”

The Cannabis Social Club movement started in Spain and has spread across Europe. The does not like being left behind and it’s time that people “come out” and celebrate and protest civilly and peacefully. The “protestival is a bid to raise awareness to the public of the need for cannabis social clubs and a regulated market.

“This year we want the crowds to be bigger, the music to be louder and the skies to be hazier!”
We have invited the cannabis community to spread their organization’s message to the people of Brighton, with a long list of organisations coming to spread the word against cannabis prohibition. United we stand strong!”

Organisations coming to Green Pride 2015
United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs
United Patients Alliance
The Cannabis Quilt UK
NORML UK Women’s Alliance
SACC Students Against Cannabis Criminalization

Green-Pride-bEV“Green Pride was a pleasure to attend. Well behaved people attract little attention, and even with plenty of cannabis logo’s about. We were bright and polite”, said Winston Matthews the long term cannabis activist of last years first annual event.  Winston was part of the original Worthing Coffeeshop crew that were open in the early 2000’s along with Chris Baldwin and a good many few others.

“We lost 2 people who attended last year, that cannot attend this year, as they are no longer with us. Sam Dyer and Mike Cutler. These two men, whose use was well broadcast by the media, will be missed, and I hope we find the time to have a couple of mins silence for them”, ­ Winston added.

The club was officially formed with a committee in April of 2014 and has since then started to bring about change to create a real cannabis club to Brighton. Working together with local businesses to bring discounts in local stores to members, including discounts on cannabis related products and merchandise. Members also have access to private toke friendly events based in and around the city and the chance to shape the way the club is run and what it could become.

With over 50 current private members Brighton Cannabis Club has been devoted to increasing the national and local network of people proud to consume cannabis and is dedicated to bringing law reform to the United Kingdom. By joining Brighton Cannabis Club you are showing your support towards the creation of a local cannabis club and the move away from an unregulated market.

Do you think the future of Brighton cannabis Club’s protestival could end up as big as something like Cannabis Liberation Day in the Netherlands, which took place just last weekend. Around 200 people turned up to the first 420 protest in Vancouver in 1995, the next one in 1996 around 500 turned up. Now there event reguarly reaches the 10’s of thousands.

Cannabis Liberation Day only started in 2009 and this is what it looks like now – a full on live stage with reggae artists like Natty! Last year over 100 people turned up to our first Green Pride in Preston Park and only 300 said they were going on Facebook. So far 2.9k of you awesome people have said there coming this year so we have the potentional to set a record for the biggest cannabis protest Brighton has ever seen!

UKCSC are going to be there with their Cannabis Conversation Couch filming for YouTube so you can have your say about the way things are with cannabis in the UK or talk about your club or the green you grow! We’ll see you there.

Please help us start something that lasts for years to come, join us for our annual gathering of cannabis consumers in Brighton the best city on the south coast!

So come join in for a day of music, cannabis, pride and unity and unite against prohibition!

Join the event page here, and don’ forget to tell your friends by giving it a share on Facebook or inviting a few people along.

– Brighton Cannabis Club

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