How should cannabis be sold?

We’re carrying out a survey to find out the way people would like to see cannabis sold under a legally regulated market.

Even if you don’t use cannabis it would be interesting to have your opinion included as this is an issue that does really affect everyone. Each tax payer contributes £400 a year to maintaining a policy that experts from around the world conclusively agree is a highly costly and counter productive failure.

It’s only 1 question with a multiple choice answer.

Thanks for taking part in our survey. Help us find out what the rest of your friends think by giving this a share on your page.

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About Greg

Greg de Hoedt is the President of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. He has had experience working in several states with medical marijuana exemptions in the law including the two legal states Colorado and Washington. He travels to other cannabis locations throughout Europe. Greg has Crohn's Disease for which he uses cannabis as a medicine after many years and failed attempts of pharmaceutical prescriptions.

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