Product Earth Expo 2017: It’s back…in BIRMINGHAM!

That’s right the Hemp and Alternative Lifestyle Expo is back in a new setting with the same good vibes and this year it is being hosted in the midlands city of Birmingham!

It’s all that seems to be talked about at the many events that are now happening no-stop right around the UK. From sessions in Scotland to BBQ’s in Brighton the community in the UK really has picked up the pace and started to establish a real grassroots movement that they are putting their mark on and influencing a surge of cannabis culture in their local area’s.

At the UKCSC we have seen a significant reaction in campaigning and activism enthusiasm after the last two Product Earth shows and it really does sit well in the UK calendar as a centerpiece that our movement can work with to provide mutual growth. Having an event like Product Earth in the UK has been groundbreaking and encouraged international activists, cannabloggers and business to make their way to England to see what is happening in the land of the “cup of tea and a spliff”.

There will be new exhibitors as well as some returning from the previous two years and we look forward to welcoming Urban Green, The Grengineer, Critical Skateboards and House of Vapes to the exhibition tradeshow. It is great seeing new companies get involved and bring their products and brand to the prime target audience in the UK cannabis scene. With people travelling from the toe of Cornwalls Lands End, the depths of the Welsh Valleys to Teesside and Edinburgh it’s a sure way to get to people when they are all in once place, meeting some incredible folks in the process. You couldn’t ask for much more. And usually, you have to go to Spannabis or even further to experience what Product Earth has brought to our particular movement.

United Patients Alliance will indeed be back with us joined this time around by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition UK who are carrying out some stirling work in the area of educating prohibition on law reform advancements in respect to all drugs and not just cannabis. Their Chairman Neil Woods will be joining us on stage to talk about the destructive nature of the polices role in enforcing prohibition. Newly joining us will be Medican Campus, a medical cannabis education center soon to be opening in Brighton in the South East, and not to forget CannaZineUK – a UK non profit cannabis magazine that you can read online and also pick up in your local headshop…and if you can’t yet you need to tell them to get in touch so a batch of mags can be sent out for you to grab hold of.

So with our usual dank seed vendors, fashion labels, stoner accessories, art and munchies exhibitors you really will get a feel of what is happening all over the UK right now – every year we have seen something or someone new that we had no idea about and now participate as regular members of our Cannabis Social Club network.

The UK Cannabis Social Clubs will again be curating the Seminar Zone where we will be hosting a fresh list of speakers as well as seeing some returning names and faces with information and educational updates on some really important aspects of reform campaigning, CBD science and policy, and not to mention technological developments in the progressing industry – and yes, that does cover hemp to vaporisers!

We could not be more excited to announce that Russ Belville the most Radical of The Marijuana Agenda and podcast hosts will be making his way to the UK via the air so he can transmit back his own frequency upon the airwaves bringing Product Earth directly to the cannabis nation live as and when it is happening! We’ll be capturing interviews with many of our guest speakers on the stage after they have been on for your listening and intrigue pleasures.

Russ Belville has been delivering the latest daily cannabis news for the last decade working previously for NORML in the US setting up chapters in every state and activating the grassroots movements that helped make up the campaigners and activists that have worked so tirelessly to bring about change on the social and political level. He is regularly called up by States activists with initiatives on the voting ballot trying to get cannabis legal in some form from medical to recreational – and asked to debate the US Drug Czar live in front of an audience. What Radical Russ doesn’t know about cannabis and the way the law has been reformed in every state isn’t worth knowing. He’s interviewed just about everyone worth interviewing in the cannabis industry and now he is coming for the UK too!

In 2017 we will be welcoming Callie Blackwell to speak this year. As mother of Deryn and author of The Boy In 7 Billion which was released in April, Callie tells the story from a mother’s perspective of how cannabis played an vital role in saving Deryn’s life. Being given only 48 hours to live Callie and her husband, Simon, made the incredibly hard decision to give him cannabis tincture after exhausting every option and research avenue. Deryn’s combination of two rare forms of cancer made him a unique case. He is still here today and is a very healthy 17 year old with a bright future ahead of him. We are very excited to hear from them and how their journey has progressed after this video went viral from their appearance on ITV’s This Morning.



We will also be dedicating a portion of Saturday’s stage time to the topic of CBD where we’ll be hearing from the experts on the latest science and developments, the latest products and finding out exactly what happened with the MHRA when they announced that Cannabidiol had been granted an official status as a medicine – in effect admitting that cannabis does have medicinal value for the first time. CBD Brothers who have been helping provide CBD products to hundreds of patients across the UK and Europe have agreed to join us to talk through what it is like working in the legal cannabis business in the UK.

Testing facility in the Netherlands H.I.G.H Lab are making the journey over where we will be given the script on good laboratory practices and standards, and the potential missing of the boat that many cannabis entrepreneurs might endure if they do not take things as seriously as the industry that lies ahead of us is going to expect.

On Sunday we at the UKCSC will be taking over the stage to bring a day of seminars and panel discussions focussed around the Cannabis Social Club model in the UK presenting on how to get a club off the ground, details on the tagged plant model which has been adopted by gardeners all over the UK in the last year. North East Club activists Michael Fisher and Simpa Carter will be talking about how activism is being shaped in their particular region where the Police Force under PCC Ron Hogg has lowered the law enforcement priority on cannabis consumers in their own homes. Teesside Cannabis Club, Brighton Cannabis Club and Bristol Cannabis Club will be talking about how they have been running  private membership clubs for their members and what this has shown that the UK really is not only ready, but potentially capable of taking things a step further than the average consumer would think.

Check back again for more updates on Product Earth where we will be taking a look at the music entertainment and VIP tickets that are available for the weekend hemp and alternative lifestyle expo.

You can get your tickets at now and join in with the fun of the ever expanding cannabis community in the UK.

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram also for your chance to enter some awesome giveaways and competitions. And if you’ve bought your ticket, let us know and come and say high on the event page!





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