Coming Together


I hear people talking about the quality and quantity of weed available today and I fully believe it’s down to the growers; although not through any fault of their own. The police are making it harder for growers to properly grow and dry their products without rushing which is resulting in poor quality, damp cannabis.

cannabis-farm-source-west-midlands-police-400pxThe independent stated, “The expansion of Britain’s pot farms has been so rapid that police say they are now raiding as many as 20 illegal plantations a day. More than 7,000 farms were detected last year compared with 3,000 three years earlier…”

With regard to this article I do not believe that the expansion of farms or growers is why their figures have gone up, but rather the fact that they are catching more of us out as people are taking more and more risks to grow their much needed cannabis.

My concern lies with the fact that it’s not only the police who are targeting urban growers but our own kind! Growers and dealers alike are living in fear – not of being raided by the police but of being robbed by a thug or an opportunist; or in a lot of cases, someone who was once considered a friend. This is resulting in a lot of old school growers stopping growing altogether and when they do, they will cut down the number of plants which is resulting in less bud making its way to the medical patients who really need it – and making it harder every day to come by a quality product.1375716_1418050018410759_2075545946_n

I do want to believe that we are finally getting somewhere with our fight to get cannabis decriminalised or even legalised in the UK, but how are we meant to make our government  more understanding when a lot of users are still giving cannabis a bad name and playing up to the stereotype that people who smoke weed commit crime?

We need to stick together as one solid unit before we can even start to expect our government to listen to us. It’s not hard to have respect for one another and more importantly for the growers who risk their liberty each and every day to bring medicinal benefits to the people of of the UK. Surely these guys are heroes not criminals? If the growers don’t feel safe in what they are doing then the quality of the bud is bound to suffer.


We can’t expect anyone but ourselves to sort out this problem. We need to stick together to help our growers by first of all using the number one rule – keep your mouth shut. If you know, or suspect someone you know (or don’t know) has a crop, keep your thoughts to yourself. It’s for the greater good believe me because if growers continue to feel threatened then the quality and quantity of weed will dramatically decrease and that is a fact.

To summarise: If we want to decriminalise or legalise cannabis then we need to stand as one and put an end to the devastating practice that’s known as crop robbing. If we cant act like normal civilized people within our own community then the government will always keep us suppressed.

By Luke Chaplin

2 thoughts on “Coming Together

  1. Couldn’t agree more Luke, the problem is
    that the crop robbers are also probably cash croppers so you are appealing to
    the scum of our community in the first place and in the main part they don’t want
    legalisation as they are just in it for the money either for themselves or for
    the gang they work for. Sadly the only thing that will stop most of them is to
    legalise cannabis and take their market away but they will actively try and
    stop that happening

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